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logo-siteFatma Safi : Proud Stay-at-Home Mom, passionate about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and positive parenting. Co-founder and President of ATEP, ICEA Member and Childbirth Educator, I had my GP diploma in 2009  with the Tunisian university of medicine.

06Hasna Safi : I am a young women highly concerned with human rights issues in general and women’s issues in particular. I hope to make an impact in people’s lives through spreading knowledge, because I believe that knowledge is the key to a better life. I am co-founder and treasurer of ATEP.

35480-o06f09Mariem Ben Said:

38106-o1i0arFarah Safi:


Naima Tawwab : An-Nur Naturals, Babydust Community Birth Rock Hill, SC 917-504-0417

And we’re looking forward to expand!

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