Bylaws and Principles

We are a French non-profit organization (law 1901) created on April, 11th, 2016 and published in the French Official Journal on May, 28th, 2016 (RNA: 353014746).


  • Offer preparation classes about childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting to pregnant women and their families.

  • Organize childbirth education workshops for midwives and other birth-workers.

  • Offer free childbirth education classes to the most vulnerable women coming from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.


  • Every woman has the right to access adequate and appropriate information about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting.

  • Every woman, without discrimination, has the right to respectful care and a birthing experience with dignity.

  • Newborns are sensitive unique beings who have the right to a warm and gentle beginning in life, respectful of their specific needs.

To read the complete bylaws, please click on the link.

“Across the world many women experience disrespectful, abusive, or neglectful treatment during childbirth in facilities. These practices can violate women’s rights, deter women from seeking and using maternal health care services and can have implications for their health and well-being.” World Health Organization Statement-2014